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  • The orthopedic surgeons at Colorado Joint Replacement in Denver are renowned for their expertise in knee and hip joint replacement. Performing more than 2,000 joint surgeries each year, as well as training surgeons from around the world, they are international leaders in joint replacement surgery.

    Each of our orthopedic surgeons is dedicated to alleviating knee, hip and joint pain by staying abreast of the latest treatments and technological advances. In fact, the Colorado Joint Replacement team often conducts their own research on joint technology and surgical techniques in order to give patients the very best care. As a result, our team's findings have been published in numerous medical journals and presented in professional orthopedic lectures around the world.

    Dr. Douglas A Dennis

    Dr. Dennis' career has been driven by a passion and commitment to advance orthopedic surgery by helping people lead active lives through joint replacement procedures.

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    Dr. Todd Miner

    Dr. Miner continually strives for excellence in joint replacement and arthritis care by combining extensive knowledge of complex arthritic conditions with heart-felt compassion for his patients.

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    Dr. Douglas A. Dennis Dr. Todd Miner
    Dr. Jason Jennings

    Dr. Jennings is a dedicated orthopedic surgeon that specializes in arthritis, adult reconstruction and joint replacement of the hip and knee. His main area of focus is partial and total hip and knee replacements.

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    Dr. Charlie Yang

    Dr. Yang specializes in adult reconstructive joint replacement surgery, focusing on total hip replacement and total knee replacement.

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    Dr. Jason Jennings Dr. Charlie Yang

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