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  • Colorado Joint Replacement is the premier orthopedic center in the Rocky Mountain region for knee and hip replacement surgery. Performing more than 1,800 joint replacements each year (more than most orthopedic practices do in the span of several years), our world-class orthopedic specialists combine minimally invasive therapies with the highly advanced surgical techniques to help patients quickly return to a full and active lifestyle.

    Our orthopedic surgeons, including Dr. Douglas A. Dennis, Dr. Raymond H. Kim, Dr. Todd M. Miner, Dr. Charlie Yang and Dr. Jason Jennings, are not only some of the top names in the country when it comes to joint replacement surgery, but they are also internationally recognized for joint replacement research, medical device development and for training other physicians in joint replacement surgery.

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    As leaders in their field, the surgeons at Colorado Joint Replacement educate physicians around the world.

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    Colorado Joint Replacement, located in Denver, Colorado is one of the premier orthopaedic practices in the Rocky Mountain region

  • The orthopedic surgeons at Colorado Joint Replacement in Denver can help reduce your joint pain and treat your arthritis so you can return to a full, active life. Call 720-524-1367 to schedule an appointment!

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    Patient Testimonials

    Our physicians at Colorado Joint Replacement in Denver are renowned for their expertise in knee and hip joint replacement. Listen to what some of our patients have to say about their experiences at Colorado Joint Replacement.

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    Commonly Asked Questions

    Here are some of the most commonly asked questions from our patients. If you don't see the answer to your question, write it down and we'll answer it at your appointment.

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